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The Adept Cobra™

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SCARA Robot - Adept Cobra s350 SCARA 4-Axis Robot

The Adept Cobra™ s350 SCARA robot (4-axis robot) is a high-performance SCARA robot system for mechanical assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tending, screw driving, and other applications that require fast and precise automation. Adept Cobra s-Series robots include the Adept Smart Controller™ motion controller, which provides performance capabilities unmatched in the industry.

Product Features & Benefits

·         Adept ACE™ software to deploy your applications through a user-friendly interface

·         High-resolution, absolute encoders to provide high accuracy, superior slow-speed following, and easy calibration

·         High-efficiency, low-inertia Harmonic Drives™ and a lightweight arm to deliver maximum acceleration

·         8 kHz servo update rate to improve path following and control

·         Ethernet TCP/IP capability to control the robot through a PC, PLC, or controller

·         Complete interchangeability between robots and controllers

·         Available in CR/ESD option for clean rooms and ESD (prevents static electricity during operation)


Powered By the Adept Smart Controller

The Adept Cobra s350 robot comes with the high-performance Adept Smart Controller motion controller, which is based on the Adept Smart Servo architecture. It has a small footprint of 329w x 187d x 86h mm.

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