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Using the modern designing and manufacturing systems we are flexible and open to develop and manufacture  custom modifications or special custom systems.


TOF-SIMS with access to all features of the FIB unique integration of othogonal TOF-SIMS by Tofwerk company and FIB-SEM by TESCAN


EBL (Electron Beam Lithography) has long been established as the premier technique for creating structures at the nanoscale as it allows creation of very small structures on the photo resist.


TESCAN FE-SEM for Investigation of Extraordinary Large Samples

EBIC - Electron Beam Induced Current Detector

TESCAN enters a new direction in Electron Beam Induced Current/Conductivity (EBIC) measurement and mapping. The full integration of an EBIC Detector allows fast and easy access to all the detector functions from the SEM software and applications gain from this integration. TESCAN has added a new type of EBIC Detector connection using the nanomanipulator probes.


Solution for SIMS chemical mapping based on the combination of TOF-SIMS analyzer with LYRA3 (Gallium source FIB-SEM) was recently extended and newly TESCAN introduces integration with FERA3 (Xenon plasma FIB-SEM).

RISE Microscopy

RISE Microscopy - Correlative Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron Microscopy

AFM/SPM Integration

Take the advantage of fast real-time imaging of SEM/ FIB-SEM and depth information provided by SPM!



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