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TESCAN produces a number of software solutions. The sophisticated control software is a standard part of every scanning electron microscope produced by TESCAN. There is also a standalone image processing software ATLAS. The software is modular  with software extensions for various purposes. 

Common Software Features

Our aim from the beginning is to provide a customer software which will be intuitive and user-friendly for both professional or inexperienced microscopist. The current  third generation of SEM microscopes is equipped with new software which is simple, transparent and even more intuitive. 

Main features:

• Multi-user environment

• Multi-language support

• Image manager with search over imaging conditions

• Standard format of images like TIFF, BMP, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, GIF, PGM, PPM

• Fast Report Generator with export to multiple formats, including MS Word, Open Office, PDF etc.

• Detailed on-line help

Professional for Scientific Work:

• High quality 16-bit image processing

• Sophisticated calibration and measurement tools

• Extension modules optimized for particular purposes



Atlas Image Processing Software

Extension Modules

Particle Analysis


Report Generator

Image Manager

Detectors & Mixer

DrawBeam – TESCAN Lithography Toolbox

3D Tomography




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