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Manure & Odor Treatment (Poultry)

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Manure & Odor Treatment (Poultry)

Rapidly Removes Ammonia & Odors

BiOWiSH™ Manure and Odor Treatment is powered by a novel composite biocatalyst that rapidly removes excess ammonia and noxious odors at their source.Ideal for Poultry Operations, BiOWiSH™ Manure and Odor Treatment accelerates composting, promotes healthier bedding, and reduces fly numbers.

Benefits - Poultry:

·         Accelerates the decomposition of manure

·         Removes rather than masks odors

·         Reduces Ammonia by up to 80%

·         Reduces Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by up to 90%

·         Accelerates litter and carcass composting by up to 30%

·         Promotes healthier litter/bedding

·         Reduces fly numbers by removing organic attractants

·         100% natural and non-toxic

Available Sizes:

·         2.2lb/1kg

·         11lb/5kg

·         22lb/10kg



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