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BiOWiSH™ Hydroponic

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BiOWiSH™ Hydroponic

BiOWiSH™ Hydroponic is a fertilizer that helps increase nutrient availability, improves plant vigor and stimulates microbial activity, while preventing sludge build-up and problematic scaling in dripper lines, micro-tubes and Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) gulley floors


·         Improves yield

·         Reduces growth time - more harvests per year

·         Improves nutrient availability

·         Improves consistency across harvest

·         Improves root development

·         Better plant health (vigor)

·         Improves budding

·         Longevity of flowering

·         Storage stability

Available sizes:

Box of Filter Bags

·         8 x 10g 

·         75 x 10g

Bulk Powder

·         100g 

·         1kg

·         5kg



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