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BiOWiSH™ Aqua

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Environmentally Friendly & Non-Toxic Water Treatment

BiOWiSH™-Aqua accelerates the biological removal of nutrients from wastewater, eliminating the dependency of wastewater treatment plants on biomass (and all its inherent maintenance challenges).


·         Municipal Wastewater

·         Industrial Wastewater


·         Reduces sludge production and handling

·         Increases plant capacity; Capital avoidance

·         Reduces odors

·         Reduces aeration; Energy savings

·         Reduces need for chemical additives

·         Improves plant stability

·         Reduces hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and nitrates

·         Pre-treats influent in collection systems

·         100% natural and non-toxic

Available Sizes:

·         100g

·         1kg

·         5kg



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