Offer a wide range of equipment, materials and services from world class  suppliers for industrial   applications such as  analysis equipment,  chemical process  optimization, instrumentation and software.

Research & Development


To empower demanding Research and Development at every level a wide range of nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technology products, materials and services are offered from world class suppliers.


To enable high quality standards expected from the fastest growing economy in the world GSG offers the widest range of products, services, instrumentation, software and training to ensure optimal governance.


Bringing to the talent of the future, direct exposure to the latest technology products and services at all levels of education. The wide product range is offered to enable students and educators to benefit from the highest standards of education.


To optimise healthcare delivery a wide range of hardware, software and analytical solutions are offered.


To protect and preserve natural resources that are vital for our future,new technology products in water  treatment, animal husbandry, agriculture, waste management, energy efficiency and alternative energy are offered.