Gulf Scientific Gateway (GSG), was established in 2006 as Gulf Scientific Group, to focus predominantly on the provision of scientific equipment and materials for the demanding Scientific Community of the State of Qatar. It established itself as a leading supplier of chemical and biological reagents representing leading brands such as Sigma Aldrich with over 100 clients in academia, government, industry and private sectors. In 2012, it restructured itself with world class agencies, products and services as Gulf Scientific Gateway offering four interconnected areas of activity .

Emerging Technologies

Scientific Material Supply and Laboratory Instrumentation

Technology Training Systems

Professional Services

It has consolidated the commercial interests of its founders to establish a strong foundation in the local and regional markets. Gulf Scientific Gateway is fully geared to meet the challenges anticipated in Qatar’s scientific community needs; the special needs of clientele as well as rising quality standards and the emerging research requirements.

Unique Approach

Proven experience in the trading of scientific supplies for over 6 years in Qatar with well trained local personnel and established infrastructure:

Unique experience with all marketing sectors in UK, Pakistan and Sri Lanka that is replicable in Qatar understanding the demanding needs of scientific and technical persons.

Direct relations with all represented suppliers with dedicated presence in UK, Europe and USA.

Stocks in UAE and UK enabling rapid delivery, with arrangements being made in Qatar for stocking of customer specified items

Continuous evaluation of needs of client to undertake measures that enhance their ability to perform their duties effectively.