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Gulf Scientific Gateway (GSG), was established in 2006 as Gulf Scientific Group, to predominantly focus on provision of ...

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Product / Services

Offer a wide range of equipment, materials and services from world class suppliers for industrial applications such as ....

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Our Agencies

GSG has a wide range of agencies that provide for the specialist and general needs of the scientific and industrial community ....

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About the CompanyGulf Scientific Gateway provides innovative, cutting edge technology and advanced instrumentation for industry, governmental, academic, research and development organisations in Qatar, and across the Middle East. Our business is divided into four interconnected divisions.


Emerging Technology

Offer solutions in Biotechnology, Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, MEMs, Mechanics & Optronics, Flow and Batch Chemistry.


Scientific Material Supply & Lab Instrumentation

Offer world leading Flow Chemistry, Micro & Industrial Analysis equipment and instrumentation.


Technology Training Systems

Offer state of the art training solutions and software educational programs for universities and colleges.


Professional Service

Offer complete project life cycle management and technical consultancy service.


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